Tabletop Nativity Set


This set contains Mary, Joseph, Angel and Baby Jesus, 3 Wisemen, Camel, Donkey and Lamb and the Crèche/Stable. All pieces are made out of red oak with walnut highlights except the Crèche which is made with Cherry and Oak. The dimensions range from the largest (the Angel/Jesus piece) at 4 3/8” wide X 8” length X 17 3/8” high to the smallest( lamb) at 4 3/8”w X 8” L X 10” h. The Crèche is 1/2” thick X 23 1/2” L X 22 3/4” h. Also included are blown glass globes that burn ultra pure oil for the Wisemen and Glass candles for Mary, Joseph and Angel/Baby Jesus.


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Located in beautiful New Port Richey, Florida.